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See more and more coming here

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See more and more coming here

So good to see so many more people coming and enjoying the open chat rooms here! We’ve done a lot to make it easy and fast to come, get in, maybe get off, and get out! Looks like a lot of people are taking advantage of our easy to use text chat rooms, and we are looking to see what else the other visitors are looking for.

We have noticed some people posting about contact profiles. So we are looking into ways to make it easier for people to share and connect with those kinds of messaging options perhaps.

We’ve also made it easier to update a screen and name make some color choices. We noticed that many people did not use those customization options, as I think knowledge of the availability was limited. We’ve now made that option easier to find and use.

A few other little tricks here and there to make everything easier to see and use. I think people who come to use the place into 2020 are going to have an even easier time accessing the rooms and connecting with other people who want to chat about sex and more!

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